About Us

Founder: Barry Pullar

The vision for ViewPortal was born 20 years ago when I developed an internet based showcase for hairdressers to post their latest hairstyling skills.

With the help of my small and talented team I created haironline.net – an online hairstyle image database allowing customers to search for hairdressing services by suburb, postcode or salon name, all showcased within an online hairstyle magazine format.

That concept has since morphed into an artistry viewing platform, focusing on Australasian contemparary, heritage artworks and crafted objects from across our region.

ViewPortal enables retailers, artists & designers to showcase a wide range of products, including sculptural items, fashion design and much more. The recently completed mobile studio now large enough to take 2.2 meter tall objects by 1550mm in width, to an overall weight of 500kgs plus!

ViewPortal offers low cost high quality spin photography production for all who are committed to providing their audience with the best possible online viewing experience.

For more information and involvement, please contact us at [email protected]