Everything looks better when you get the whole view
ViewPortal.ICE are for the consumer and small business alike, fun 360 3D capture to share environments

Providing stunning illumination to capture the world of your imagination within us all.

For small business an affordable production alterative to high cost advertising houses.

Professional high quality 3D image production at your local shopping centre

Whether Hairstyle, Make-up trials, Jewellery indeed any product for online showcase and share

3D scan to print mementos, a shelfie or a 360 selfie to share via your social network all produced in a few short minutes at convenient locations where you shop! That’s the vision now the journey to fulfilment really begins!

The journey as founder of this business system began almost 20 years ago with a vision of an internet based showcase for hairdressers to post their latest hairstyling skills.

I developed haironline.net an online hairstyle image database allowing a search for hairdressing services by suburb, postcode or salon name, with an online hairstyle magazine format.
The service was well received but the online user group was too small and the image production costs too high for a viable business model to continue. Funding issues arose leading to the decision to shelve the service indefinitely.

Fast forward 20 years with the same central premise, and courtesy of exciting breakthroughs in technology such as cloud storage and a plethora of smart device connectivity, ProCapture360 Pty Ltd proudly presents Viewportal.ICE

Today the concept has morphed into a consumer and small business virtual preview and consultation tool tailored in the first instance to the younger technology savvy fashionister, those who love local craft and design and want to support the arts.

Although as a hairdresser myself I am passionate about my consultation tools for my industry and will not rest until I have reached my full vision in that domain, my focuses on other applications, the aforementioned has open up a whole World of potential uses and I have shifted that focus to getting the ViewPortal environments ready for all number of end users.
Not restricted by age or gender, this exciting business model has many pre-purchase, preview, and ecommerce or online sales features/applications, really limited only by yours the end users imagination.

ViewPortal.ICE offers super HD 4k/3D upper, full body and product scanning with numerous applications, including but not limited to; model portfolio clips, fashion accessories, bridal/formal hair up and cosmetic trials, eye wear (prescription, and sunglasses), jewellery, hats, online purchasing of sculptural art work, antiques, floral art, body art, wedding cake decoration/table settings etc etc.

As founder my main focus has been largely consumer empowerment during hairdressing consultation with a stylist, a preview tool of this nature affords a more refined set of choices, for example a hair history library for our subscribers, a new helpful tool to jog the memory of both stylist and clientele alike.

ViewPortal.ICE now offers easily accessible professional quality studio lighting in a 360/3D 4k compact photography environment.

The only limits in terms of showcasing products and services is the customer’s imagination, and with our creative consultant networks we can help you connect there as well.

I welcome all the feedback you can give me, and although very busy these days will do my best to interact here with you.

For now thanks for reading to the end of my opening salvo

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