Minor Talent Release Form


This form must be completed and submitted to ViewPortal before attending a scheduled appointment at a ViewPortal booth where a minor is to have his or her image taken. A “minor” means anyone who is under 18 years old. Failure to complete or submit this form correctly may result in ViewPortal refusing to take images of a minor.

Minor’s name: (“the Minor”)
Date and time of appointment:
Parent/guardian’s name:
Street address:
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1. I, the parent/guardian named above, hereby grant to ProCapture360 Pty Ltd (“ViewPortal”) the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to:

  • take images of and including the Minor (“the Images”);
  • use, reproduce and publish the Images in any form (including in three dimensions) and for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation for advertising and promotional purposes and in conjunction with other images or materials;
  • modify the Images in any way whatsoever, including without limitation by distorting or blurring the Minor’s appearance in the Images;
  • use any name (including real and fictitious names) to describe or refer to the Minor’s appearance in the Images; and
  • grant the rights and permissions above to any third parties.


2. I hereby release ViewPortal and its directors, employees and agents, from any and all claims and liability in relation to or in connection with the Images, including without limitation any claims of invasion of privacy.

3. I am fully entitled to provide the rights and permissions granted under this document on behalf of the Minor in my capacity as a parent or legal guardian of the Minor. I am not myself a minor.

4. I have read and fully understand the contents of this document.

Parent/guardian signature: ___________________________________

Witness signature: __________________________________________

Witness name: ______________________________________________

Date signed: ________________________________________________

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