Area Consultant Team

$550.00 inc GST / year

This is our premium small business package designed to be an affordable starter package to upgrade or enhance a business’ online display advertising image.

This package consists of:

  • 12 months ‘cloud hosting’ of the business profit on ViewPortal.
  • Up to 5x 3D 360 product or service animated clips (example hyperlink), available in any format required by your website developer, with enhanced viewing controls i.e. continuous rotation, stop start, zoom.
  • 1x 1.2 by 800 sqm colour poster of your choice. (Canvas, stainless steel prints also available on request, fee apply).

Sold By: View Portal


1. Area Consultants must be approved to join the search list of recommended Stylists, retouch media artist, Make-up Artists, Wedding planners etc that have been vetted by the ViewPortal team, checking things like price point, qualifications, public liability insurance cover and will require at least one other person to recommend them with a testimonial

2. Be available to take bookings and accept the VP Rewards.

A Small Business Support Package purchaser and a small business who qualify to join the Area Consultants team that agree to accept the VP Rewards (our subscriber loyalty program), receive a standard 10% discount off the FULL list price for services.

Discounts are for all services, not only from ViewPortal productions, but also from any of the businesses that accept the VP Rewards program

Example: By agreeing to join the list of businesses who accept the terms of the VP Rewards program (10% discount as standard), your business in turn receives a 10% discount off the cost of ViewPortal services and the services of any other businesses that participate in the loyalty program.


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